Happy group of studentsLast week, VMU concluded signing cooperation agreements with two new partner universities in East Asia. In total, there are 38 such agreements now with institutions in the region.

Tōyō University became most recent and already 17th partner that VMU has in Japan. The university has more than 30 000 students who pursue their studies in 11 different faculties. Enrio Inoue, who established Tōyō University in 1887, was a famous philosopher of Japanese Buddhism. Representatives of the university visited the Centre for Asian studies last summer, and after negotiations the meeting resulted in signing the agreement. VMU and Tōyō University has plans to cooperate in different fields, including designing and launching a double degree study program of area studies.

National Dong Hwa University is the fourth VMU partner from Taiwan. It has 10 000 students and is located in Hualian prefecture – a very scenic mountainous part of the eastern part of Taiwan. Agreement with the university was signed during the visit of VMU vice-rector prof. Ineta Dabašinskienė.