On April the 15th, VMU’s Dragons Academy at the Centre for Asian Studies together with the students from Korean culture club “Hallyu”, Japanese culture club “Hashi” and Chinese culture club “Wu Wei” visited Alytus “Jotvingiai” gymnasium. In celebration of the second anniversary of Alytus Orientalist Club activities, the students at the gymnasium were given lectures on the languages and cultures of East Asia. Also, cultural workshops were held, where students had the opportunity not only to get to know the art of calligraphy, origami, Chinese papercutting, but at the same time got a chance to interact with international exchange students from East Asia.

Dragons Academy is a network of formal and informal educational institutions, coordinated by the Center of Asian Studies of Vytautas Magnus University. The academy was founded in 2017 with the aim to spread the knowledge about the East (more…)

Komaru Transportation Company together with Hiroshima University’s Lithuanian Center and Vytautas Magnus University’s Centre for Asian Studies is organizing the Second Japanese Language Speech Contest. Participants from schools and universities are welcome. As last year, the contests is ready to surprise the winners with special presents (last year the main prize was a trip to Japan).

The Japanese language speech contest will be taking place on May 17th, 13:00 in room 103 (V. Putvinskio st. 23, Kaunas).

This year’s topic is “transportation” in its broadest meaning, including traffic, travels, etc. Speeches must be original works created by the participants. Each speech will be evaluated by a special committee that will take into account grammar, pronunciation, contents, expressions, fluency, answers to questions. (more…)

March 27, 2019 Dr Aurelijus Zykas finishes his work as head of the Centre for Asian Studies, which he started in 2008, eleven years ago.

It was extremely interesting and challenging period of life. I hope, I succeeded to continue the activities and ideas of my predecessor, Mr. Arvydas Ališauskas, who had established Japanese Studies Centre. – Dr. Aurelijus Zykas stated, – I believe, together with our team we were able to raise Asian studies in Kaunas to some higher level. Here, in Kaunas, the vivid community of Asian studies specialists was developed, and now it is dispersed in different countries of the World. I would like to express my appreciation to all the divisions of the University and our social partners. We all worked together and achieved joint aims“.

Among the achievements of the Centre for Asian Studies during the last decade, the following should be mentioned: (more…)

The Centre for Asian Studies continues “Time for Asia” events and invites you on March 4 to an open lecture given by the newly appointed South Korea’s ambassador to Lithuania H.E. Mira Sun. In the lecture Lithuania-Korea Relations and Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula the Ambassador will talk not only about Lithuania-Korea relations but also about ongoing tensions and recent attempts to achieve peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

Before diplomatic career, H. E. Mira Sun was working as a human rights lawyer. She is a specialist of civil society, international relations in East Asia, resolution of historical tensions between Korea and Japan, and other areas. It will the first Ambassador’s visit to Kaunas and her first lecture given in Lithuania. H.E. Mira Sun will also participate in the opening of Asian Week and will visit the Centre for Asian Studies and King Sejong Institute Kaunas.

The lecture will be held on March 4 (Monday) from 10:00 at Putvinskio str. 23-310, Kaunas. The lecture will be in English and is free and open to all.

FB event: facebook.com/events/2268447939884531/ (more…)

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VMU Asian Week 2019

The Centre for Asian Studies (CAS) at Vytautas Magnus University together with the students’ clubs “Hallyu”, “Hashi” and “Wu Wei” invites Kaunas residents and city’s guests to the VMU Asian Week 2019. This year the event will take place on March 4-8 in venues of VMU and other public places in Kaunas.

VMU Asian Week is a one week-long cycle of events dedicated to East Asian countries – China, Japan and Korea. It is done through the presentation of specific aspects of culture, arts and cuisine. CAS social partners in Lithuania actively participated in the organization of this event.

Events organized last year were a great success and attracted a lot of attention from the general public and media. You can see the moments from the previous Asian Week here. (more…)

Those who have not yet been able to see the picturesque documentary about the relationship between Kaunas and Japan are welcome to the screening of the documentary “Kaunas, the City of Sugihara and Japan” on February 7th. After the screening together with the Deputy Kaunas City Mayor Mr. Simonas Kairys we will remember Kaunas work with Japan during the years. Since 2006 Mr. S. Kairys is the Head of Sugihara Group for Kaunas-Japan Relations Development. Due to this group creative projects have been initiated in Kaunas. One of them is Sugihara Week, more active cooperation with Gifu Municipality, etc.
nd Anykščiai.

The story of Kaunas – Japan bilateral relations are revealed through four personalities who prior the World War II became bridges between the two countries. It is Yukichi Fukuzawa – the first Japanese who mentioned and wrote about Kaunas in his diary. In 1862 together with the mission of 36 Japanese he traveled through Lithuania by train and went for a short stroll in Kaunas. (more…)

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Season’s greetings

The staff of the Centre for Asian Studies sends the Season’s greetings to all of you and wishes you to have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 

Year 2018 was a fruitful period for the Centre.  ASC created the documentary “Kaunas. The city of Sugihara and Japan” which premiered both in Lithuania (April 26th) and Japan (July 28th).  We organized 29th international EAJRS (European Association of Japanese Recourse Specialists) conference on the topic of “(G)localizing Japanese Studies Resources”. It was the first one taking place in the Baltic States. On October 5th we expanded our network and opened King Sejong Institute in Kaunas, strengthening cooperation between Lithuania and South Korea. Signed international agreements with Gunma University (Japan), Ochanomizu University (Japan), Korea University (South Korea) and National Taipei University of Technology (Taiwan). (more…)

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October 7-14, 2018 Romanas Erminas, East Asia region studies Master‘s student has won national “MIRAI” program’s contest and visited Japan. The program is supported by the Japanese government and is dedicated to the young leaders of the future. During the program, dozens of students from various countries spent a week in Japan, where they participated in discussions, visited local and central government institutions, various campaigns, universities, got acquainted with Japan’s economic and political system, culture.

The program has given the student an opportunity to get to know more about Japan’s politics, international relations and security. Erminas deepened historical, cultural and social knowledge that he acquired during his Bachelor’s studies. 40 students from Europe countries had participated in first group of “MIRAI 2018 Politics and Security“. (more…)

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During November 6-10 Murad Asgarow, East Asia Region Studies student represented Vytautas Magnus University in the 2018 Jeonju International Biennale of Korean Studies at Chonbuk National University in South Korea. The conference provided scholars with an opportunity to share their ideas and the latest achievements in Korean Studies with fellow scholars from around the world.  

During students visit to South Korea Murad not only participated in the conference but also had an opportunity to learn more about Korean history and experience its culture. Our student visited multiple museums and historical places in Jeonju, wore hanbok, etc. (more…)

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Japanese post stamps exhibition

On November 15 – December 15 VMU Centre for Asian Studies invites you to visit Japanese post stamps exhibition “Memorable events of the 20th Century for Japanese people”. The exhibition displays a part of Mr. Leonas Veržbolauskas collection of Japanese post stamps. The exhibition is located in the 4th floor gallery at the VMU Multifunctional Research and Studies Centre (V. Putvinskis st. 23).

The collection portrays the main events that occurred in Japan over the course of the 20th Century covering various aspects of the country’s life including World War I and World War II, international relations, technological advancements and trends, culture, sports, etc. This exhibition provides a unique way to learn about Japan’s history through the scope of Japanese perception.

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