VMU Centre for Asian Studies invites you to the premiere of a new documentary “Kaunas. The city of Sugihara and Japan”. The premiere will be taking place on April 26, 5:30 P.M. in Kaunas cinema centre’s “Romuva” temporary hall, Kęstučio st. 62 (entrance through the inner yard).

The story of Kaunas – Japan bilateral relations are revealed through four personalities who prior the World War II became bridges between the two countries. It is Yukichi Fukuzawa – the first Japanese who mentioned and wrote about Kaunas in his diary. In 1862 together with the mission of 36 (more…)

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We are now accepting registrations and proposals for presentations for the 28th EAJRS conference to be held in Kaunas 12-15 September 2018, organized by Centre for Asian Studies of Vytautas Magnus University. The partners of the event are Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Global Japan Office and VMU Library.

If you plan to attend, please complete the registration form and return it to eajrs@eajrs.net.

Proposals for presentations should be returned by 15 May 2018.

Download the registration form here.

The central topic this year is “(G)localizing Japanese Studies Resources”, whereby special (more…)

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On April 17 we are inviting everyone to an open lecture called “World peace through ancient Indian wisdom” which will be held in Putvinskio str. 23-310 from 11:15. The lecture will be given by Prof. C. Upender Rao who is a scholar of Sanskrit and India studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi, India). Prof. Rao has been involved in Sanskrit studies for more than 30 years already, and plans to talk about the concept of “peace” in ancient Indian tradition and how that connects with both global and individual attempts to achieve peaceful coexistence. More information about the lecture is in the provided PDF file.

The lecture will be held in English. The admission is open and free to all.

“Time for Asia” is a cycle of events, organised by the Centre for Asian Studies and aimed to present contemporary issues and topics in the fields of Asian politics, society, culture and economics.

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Seminar about Myanmar

Vytautas Magnus University Centre for Social Anthropology invites you to the seminar “Networks of Resilience: Legal Precarity and Transborder Citizenship Among the Karen from Myanmar in Thailand”. Speaker of the seminar – Indrė Balčaitė. The seminar will be taking place on April 12th, 2018 at room 103 in Gediminas st. 44, Kaunas. 

The paper probes the relationship between legal precarity and transborder citizenship through the case of the Karen from Myanmar (Burma) in Thailand. (more…)

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The Centre for Asian Studies continues “Time for Asia” events and invites you to learn more about China’s role in international affairs and relationship with both neighboring and distant powers. The lecture “China’s Relations with (Re-)Emerging Powers and Regions” will be held by dr. Konstantinas Andrijauskas, Associate Professor of Asian Studies and International Politics from Vilnius University. As a visiting scholar he worked at Fudan University, Zhejiang University and most recently Columbia university. Dr. Andrijauskas is the author of a number of publications on Asian politics, including his 2016 book “The Clash between China, India and Russia in Eurasia’s Civilizational Spaces”.

The lecture will be held on March 15 from 17:00 at Gedimino 44-202, Kaunas. The event is free and open to all. (more…)

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Open lectures about China

Time for Asia events start the spring semester with two open lectures about China. We are honored to present you Prof. Gao Fei from China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU). He previously held positions of Director of Study Center of China Diplomacy, Director of Research Office of CFAU, Deputy Secretary General of China National Association for International Studies (CNAIS), and Fulbright Visiting Scholar in George Washington University. Currently Prof. Gao is working as Assistant President and Academic Dean of CFAU. During his academic career he has published numerous books, articles and papers on China’s diplomacy and foreign policy.

During the visit, Prof. Gao Fei will give two open lectures: (more…)

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During the Vilnius Book Fair on Thursday, February 22nd, at 2:00 P.M., in the Conference Hall 1.2, a discussion with Dr Aurelijus Zykas “Lead by Soft Power. Image, World and Japan” (moderated by Richardas Jonaitis). The event will be opened by the Ambassador of Japan in Lithuania, H.E. Toyoei Shigeeda.

During the event the newest Dr A. Zykas’ monograph “Lead by Soft Power: Communication of Country’s Image and Japan” will be presented, which will be available for the purchase at VMU booth Nr. 3.11.

The practice of managing the image of the country raises a lot of dilemmas, therefore, it has both advocates and enemies. Lithuania is not an exception. On one hand, media is resentful that Lithuania abroad is portrayed as a poor country or the homeland of Hannibal Lecter. (more…)

VMU Asian Week 2018

The Centre for Asian Studies (CAS) at Vytautas Magnus University together with the students’ clubs “Hashi”, “Wu Wei” and “Hallyu” invites you to the annual event VMU Asian Week 2018. The event will take place on March 5-9 in various venues of VMU and other public places of Kaunas.

VMU Asian Week is a one week-long cycle of events dedicated to East Asia. The event is aimed to introduce general public with the East Asia region through the presentation of culture, languages, martial arts, cuisine. Events organized last time were a great success and attracted a lot of attention from general public and media. (more…)

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This January a representative of the Centre for Asian Studies dr. Linas Didvalis visited the University of Leeds. The goal of the visit was to learn about the structure of East Asian study programs, to discus research activities, and possibility to start student exchanges. Dr. Didvalis met staff representatives from the School of Politics and International Studies, the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, and the School of Sociology and Social Policy. In addition of valuable exchange of experience and good practices, the visit resulted in agreement to start arranging academic staff and student exchange between the two universities in the field of East Asia region studies. (more…)

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Recently, Ms. Madoka Sugihara, grand-daughter of Chiune Sugihara, granted the permission to Vytautas Magnus University’s Centre for Asian Studies to publish historical document Nr. 220 issued by Prof. Dr. Mažylis Private Hospital (currently Mažylis Maternity Hospital) which testifies the birth of Haruki, the third son of Ch. Sugihara. The record which has been found in Kaunas Regional State Archives not only testifies that Sugihara’s son was born in Kaunas, but also provides new information.

The document states that Ms. Yukiko Sugihara arrived to the hospital on May 28th, 1:30 P.M. after (more…)