On January 31st  the opening of a new art exhibition organized together with a japanese culture club “Hashi” will take place in the Centre for Asian Studies. Vilnius Art Academy student Kotryna Šešelgytė’s watercolour paintings about Japan will be available for eveyone to see the whole Spring semester.

“Hashi” club invites everyone to the official opening of the exhibition this Friday, February 7, 18.00 at Sugihara house ( Vaižganto st. 30, Kaunas).

Kotryna Šešelgyje is a young Lithuanian artist, who traveled to Japan and experienced it‘s calmness and beauty, after graduating fromVilniaus Art Academy where she was studying stained glass. It was after all disasters have happened – earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima tragedy. Kotryna joined the volunteers to help people after the catastrophes. She was stunned by the Japanese people’s tranquility so Kotryna put her feeling of the moment in to the canvas. Watercolors and ink techniques reveals Japan which young artist has seen. Looking at the landscape you can look into reality between dreams. Experience Kotryna’s trip between consciousness and subconsciousness.
More Kotryna works http://kotrynaseselgyte.weebly.com/