Research on East Asia is conducted at Vytautas Magnus University on PhD level as well. Here is a list of the current PhD students:

Murad Asgarov

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gintautas Mažeikis

Thesis title: Smart Diplomacy and Propaganda in Kazakhstan (including ties with South Korea)


Kristina Barancovaitė-Skindaravičienė

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Artūras Tereškinas

Thesis title: Body as means of masculine identity construction among young Japanese salarymen


Karolė Miuller

Supervisor: Doc. Dr. Linas Didvalis

Thesis title: Representation of Traumatic Experiences of the 20th c. Foreign Occupations and Formation of Collective Memory in Education in South Korea and Lithuania


Mantas Macikas

Supervisor: Doc. Dr. Ignas Kalpokas

Thesis title: Sharp Power and State Image Strategy in China’s Foreign Policy