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From June 23, Raigirdas Boruta, a graduate of University of Central Lancashire (United Kingdom), is accepted as an intern in VMU Centre for Asian Studies. Raigirdas is a specialist in Chinese language – he spent one year in China and will study in MA studies there. During summer (one month until July 27) intern will […]

This summer, Centre for Asian Studies (CAS) successfully continued participation in “Summer Internship (SIP)” programme initiated by Vytautas Magnus University. During it, various students from all over the world are invited to participate in international internship activities provided by partner institutions and university departments. This time, student from Soongsil University (Seoul, South Korea) Kyungmin Lee was granted […]

From July 7, VMU Centre for Asian Studies accepts international student Momoko Fujiwara (Akita International University, Japan) as an intern. Momoko will concentrate on the acquisition of book donation from prof Kumiko Yamada. Also, she will contribute to the improvement of representative material of Centre for Asian Studies. Momoko will do her internship till the […]

From May 25 Solveiga Žibaitė, who has recently finished her studies in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, is doing an internship at the Centre for Asian Studies. She will stay here a month and a half. Solveiga, who has spent a year in China, will help the staff of the Centre to organise […]