The 13th International Symposium “European Discourses on Japan” (Europäische Japan-Diskurse) will be held at VMU Centre for Asian Studies on September 10-11. This annual Symposium is jointly organized by several European universities and is held at different European Cities. This year it will be held at Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas.

The topic of this year Symposium is “Speaking and spoken language in Japanese”.

The symposium is organized by Vytautas Magnus University, Centre for Asian Studies, in collaboration with “European Discourses on Japan” , represented by: Prof. Masako Satô (Tôkyô), Prof. Eduard Klopfenstein (Zürich), Prof. Dr. Sepp Linhart (Vienna), Prof. Hartmut O. Rotermund (Paris)

You are invited to participate actively. Professors from Europe and Japan will contribute presentations for it:

  • Prof. Dr. Masako Satô (Tôkyô):  Hidden Dialogue – Poetical Motif and Intermedial Communication;
  • Prof. Dr. Hartmut O. Rotermund (Paris): The Buddhist Preachers Rhetoric in Medieval and Pre-modern Times;
  • Prof. Dr. Eduard Klopfenstein (Zürich):    How to read and recite tanka  –  With examples of 20th century tanka-poets reading their own poems;
  • Prof. Dr. Yoshihiko Ikegami (Tokyo University/Showa Womens’ University): The Ego-centric Perspective and the Speaker/Writer’s Invisible Presence in Text — ‘Subjective Construal’ as a Translation Problem;
  • Dr. Kyoko Koma (Vytautas Magnus University): Foreign Words as Argumentative Device: Japanese Words in French Newspapers.

The Symposium is sponsored by Momoyo Okura Memorial Foundation

Program of Symposium