akeVytautas Magnus University Centre for Asian Studies together with VMU Library kindly invites You to the opening of Asian Books Space (ABS). The ceremony will take part on the 30th of September (Friday), 15:00 in V. Biržiška Reading Room (Donelaičio 52, Kaunas).

Asian Books Space is integral part of VMU Library located in V. Biržiška Reading Room. ABS contains the library funds from the former Ch. Sugihara Reading Room. Presently it consists from more than 4600 books on the topics of Asian countries, that have been collected thanks to the efforts of international foundations, diplomatic institutions and people, and becomes one of the bigest collections on Asian studies in the Baltics.

eajrs_logo_120This September, 14-17, the 27thEAJRS (European Association of Japanese Resource Specialists) took place in Bucharest University. Vytautas Magnus University was represented there by Arvydas Kumpis, a senior coordinator the Centre for Asian Studies and a librarian at VMU Library. He made a presentation on “Contemporary Japanese studies in Vytautas Magnus University: presentation of collection on Social sciences and Humanities”.
EAJRS conferences are one of most important events for the specialists dealing with Japanese resources – librarians, archivists, researchers, publishers. This year, the participants came from participants from United Kingdom, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Germany, (more…)

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DSC_8918On September 19th, the delegation of Japanese Youth Goodwill Mission in Lithuania met VMU Vice-Rector and discussed the issues on education. Participants were invited to attend presentations about the University and its internationality as well as the history and activity of the Centre for Asian studies. After the official part of the meeting Index delegation was invited to the Asian Books Space (ABS), which is located in VMU Vaclovas Biržiška Library, and to participate in the discussion on the needs and importance of Asian studies in Lithuania with the students of East Asian Cultures and Languages program. (more…)

foto_TanakaVMU Centre for Asian Studies invites you to the demonstration of Japanese tea ceremony, which will take place on September 5th. 18:00. VMU Arts Centre Hall, Vytautas pr. 71.

Japanese tea drinking rituals and the subtleties will be reviled by master Senyu Tanaka from Japan, who visit Lithuania for the second time this year. Master Senyu Tanaka belongs to the family, which during the Meiji period (1868-1912) established a new direction of tea ceremony – the Society of Japanese Tea Ceremony. This direction of the tea ceremony aims are to convey the tradition according to the changing needs of society, emphasize respect for each tea ceremony and use things and people during the ceremony to communicate harmony. Master Senyu Tanaka is the head of the main Society training centre, based in Tokyo, as well as are author of number of books about tea ceremony. (more…)

Asian Books Space to be opened

akeSince June, 2016 Ch. Sugihara Reading Room was closed but in the beginning of September all the books will be publicly available in new place. Asian Books Space (ABS) is a part of Biržiška Reading Room (Donelaičio 52) where all of the funds from former Sugihara Reading Room will be placed. The new place, compared to the former one, allows the visitors to use modern equipment, computerized working places, contemporary interior and is easy approachable for all of the students. Official opening of the ABS will be announced later.

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This September 11th the screening of a movie about Chiune Sugihara will take place in the historical movie theater “Romuva” in Kaunas. During this event the viewers will be able to meet the delegation from Gifu prefecture, including Jaocu city mayor, who will hand funds donated by Gifu people for Sugihara fond “Diplomats for Life” to Sugihara building repair.

The start of the event: 18:00. The priority to enter the event will be given to thouse, who will have special invitations from Romuva. The invitations could be taken in theatre box office during working hours.

The last autumn premmier of the movie recieved a large influx of viewers and in Japan this movie became one of the most watched. During the event Lithuanians had an opportunity to meet the director Cellin Gluck and main role actors Toshiaki Karasawa (Chiune Sugihara) ir Koyuki (Jukiko Sugihara). After the event Kaunas Deputy Mayor S. Kairys handed flowers and papers announcing them Honorary Ambassadors of Kaunas city tourism.


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14030997_10154496194294052_1405049838_nWe kindly invite you to the fifth Japanese cultural festival and a tenth  bonsai and suiseki exhibition in Alytus, which will be held from September 2nd until 4th by Lithuania Bonsai Association and “Black Scissors” community. VMU Centre for Asian Studies is one of the partners of the event and many of VMU students will be volunteers in this festival.

Attendees will be able to see artists from around the world with their bonsai trees and suiseki, have a look at traditional kimono, enjoy Japanese theater Kiogeno performance, attend variuos lectures about Japanese culture. The second day of the festival, Saturday, will be designed for children, for this reason usual lectures will be complemented by workshops. Each day of the event will end with jazz artists from Japan performance. (more…)

vasaros atostogosBefore the end of the summer the employees of the Centre for Asian Studies started their summer holidays. The centre will be closed entirely from August 1st to 15th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We express our gratitude to the students, clubs and partners for the fruitful collaborations during the past school year. Hopefully that all of You will get plenty of rest and come back well rested and full of creative energy for the upcoming semester. Happy summer holidays!

University_of_Fukui_logoOn June 23 VMU signed a agreement with University of Fukui, which supplemented rich  list of VMU partners in Japan.

The Fukui University is on the west coast of Japan (Hokuriku region) Fukui city. The State University was founded in 1949 and currently has about 5 thousand students, who study in 4 different faculties. The contract will enable students and staff exchanges and cooperation in the field of research.

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RaigirdasFrom June 23, Raigirdas Boruta, a graduate of University of Central Lancashire (United Kingdom), is accepted as an intern in VMU Centre for Asian Studies. Raigirdas is a specialist in Chinese language – he spent one year in China and will study in MA studies there. During summer (one month until July 27) intern will be working with representative material of Centre for Asian studies.
Centre for Asian Studies willfully accepts the interns. For more information, please, refer to the head of the centre.

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