On March 31, 2012, the new Website “Asian studies in Lithuania” was launched. It is supposed to become an electronic data base where data regarding the history and present situation of Asian studies in Lithuania is collected. Here you can find the information about the personalities (scholars, travelers, educators, translators), working in the field or Asian studies, the books and dissertations on Asian countries, the academic and cultural events, the resources (library funds, art collections, textbooks, etc.) needed for studies, etc.

This website deals with the mission to promote Asian studies in Lithuania. Its main aims are to fasten the access of Lithuanian society to the information on Asian studies; to enhance the mutual cooperation and sharing the information among the scholars; to increase the understanding about the situation of Asian studies in Lithuania abroad.

The website was initiated by the Centre for Asian Studies of Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas), and its initial creation was funded by Japan Foundation. However, presently this website does not represent any institutional interests and aims at creating the favourable space for consolidating academic network among Lithuanian scholars and students. Its administration, creation and development are based on volunteer activities. It is expected, that the Asian studies specialists and everybody interested in Asian studies in Lithuania will contribute for this website.

You are kindly invited to visit the Website at http://asianstudies.lt, or to join its friends on Facebook.