khKHU offers Global Collaborative 2014 Summer Program and cordially invite students to KHU campus on July 2014. The program is offered in focused theme of “Humanity, Civilization & Global Governance” in English during a month of July.
Not only KHU faculty members but also world renowned scholars are invited as instructors of the program. Also, it is very unique program that United Nations and Conference of NGOs (CoNGO) are participating as cooperative organizations of the program. For this reason, it will be a great opportunity for students who are especially interested in UN and NGO activities.
Moreover, various cultural activities are provided during the program and more than 500 students from all over the world participate in the program each year (about half students are from overseas representing about 30 countries). Specifically, starting from 2014, we are offering modules – more interactive learning experiences that would complement what the students learn in class.

Online Registration: March 24~April 30, 2014 (at
Early Registration: March 24~30, 2014(a small gift will be given)
Class: June 30~July 24, 2014
Class type: 2~3 US Credit Hours per course(course list at GC website)

The program tuition is lowered to USD 2,500.00 from USD 3,000 and other fees are included except dormitory fee. If there is students wish to participate in the program with your recommendation, we would like to offer scholarships for outstanding students. Please find details of offers below.

Special rate for partners: USD 1,500.00
*Tuition ($2,500) included
*Administration fee ($80) included
*Field Trip fee ($200) included
*Dormitory ($450~500) fee is not included and dormitory will be assigned on first-come-first-served basis. (dormitory fee will be paid directly to housing office later)
*Airfare and other personal expenses including insurance are required to be prepared by students.

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