gm8r8118On 4 October, Daiva Repečkaitė, junior researcher at CAS, will present a paper titled “Battle for hearts and minds: Eastern Neighborhood Policy and East Asian interests” at the panel on power relations in Central and Eastern Europe of the 4th International Congress of Belarusian Studies (programme of the panel). European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries have come to the spotlight globally due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. As new markets and potential political allies, they are also of interest to East Asian countries.

Daiva has been following the developments of the European Neighbourhood Policy for about seven years. In 2008 she received a prize of the European Young Journalist Award for an article on ENP implementation in Ukraine, and she further deepened her knowledge about this topic at the NATO international School in Azerbaijan in February this year. This presentation at the International Congress of Belarusian Studies is a part of the CAS’s new research initiative to map East Asian interests in the region.