IMG_4598On April 20-24, head of the Centre for Asian Studies, Dr. Aurelijus Zykas visited the University of Latvia by Erasmus+ exchange program and taught lessons for the students. This University placed in Riga is one of the Erasmus+ partners in the field of Asian studies.

During his lectures “Postwar Development of Japan’s Society and Politics”, A. Zykas introduced the main trends of how Japan developed after the Second World War, emphasizing the key shifting points in its history, such as San Francisco Treaty, Nixon shock, Bubble burst, etc. He covered the topics of the Reverse course, “Economic miracle”, 55-system, “Lost decade” and “party shift” among others.

During his lectures “Japan’s Global Soft Power and Public Diplomacy”, A. Zykas presented how Japan is producing its soft power, what are the main issues of its international image, and what are the actors behind, promoting Japanese values and culture worldwide.