Every year the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science offers scholarships for full-time Master degree studies in Lithuania. In total, 70 such scholarships are offered this year for citizens of 10 countries as well as foreign citizens of Lithuanian origin. The Centre for Asian Studies encourages everyone eligible for Lithuanian state scholarship to use this opportunity to gain high quality Master degree education at Vytautas Magnus University. The deadline for application is May 10, 2017.

One of the most attractive programs available for foreign students is East Asia Region Studies (EARS) program which during its 10 year history had a number of students who came to Kaunas thanks to state scholarships. EARS is the only graduate programme in Lithuania and the Baltic States that is taught in English and focused on East Asian contemporary politics and society. The two-year Master’s degree program is mainly concentrated on modern political, social and economic issues of East Asian countries, i.e. Korea, Japan and China, but also provides possibility for students to study region’s culture, history, traditions, religions, as well as to learn region’s languages.

Since its launch in 2007, the EARS program has gathered a team of highly qualified specialists of East Asian countries and the region as a whole. In order to provide students with possibility to learn from the highest level professionals of the field, the Program often invites visiting professors from East Asian and European universities. Program’s teaching staff is striving to ensure that graduates of the EARS program acquire fundamental knowledge about history, politics and economy of the countries belonging to East Asian region; have the ability to critically analyse East Asian and international political and economic processes; and understand a global political, economic and social importance of East Asian region in the contemporary world.

In addition, the students of EARS have good opportunities for half-year or one-year studies at the universities of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and People’s Republic of China. This allows majority of EARS students not only to acquire professional and cultural knowledge in a particular East Asian country, but also to gain the opportunity to establish necessary relations for their future academic or professional career. Currently VMU has student exchange contracts with over 30 East Asian universities – 15 in Japan, 10 in South Korea, 3 in Taiwan and 6 in China – including such highly rated universities as Osaka University, Renmin University of China, Waseda University, National Chengchi University, I-Shou University, Pusan National University, Kyung Hee University, and others.

More information about Lithuanian state scholarship is provided at stipendijos.lt. All questions about EARS can be directed to Linas.Didvalis@vdu.lt.