20170304_153020Scholars of the Centre for Asian Studies participated at the International Symposium on Japanese Studies, which was hosted by the University of Bucharest, Center for Japanese Studies on March 4-5. The participants represented the academic institutions of France, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Belgium and Japan.

Dr Linas Didvalis presented the presentation on the topic “Japanese Forest Culture: Lost between Urbanization, Depopulation and Globalisation”, while PhD student Arvydas Kumpis used the case study of Tsushima conflict to illustrate the Internet Radicalization. Dr. Aurelijus Zykas made a presentation “Challenges for Japan’s Public Diplomacy after 2009”.

The Symposium was a good opportunity not only to present and discuss the newest research, but also to meet the partners of Bucharest, Ljubljana and Prague and to talk regarding Erasmus+ exchange for students and teachers.