In 2009 the first group of master degree owners graduated from EARS study program. Currently there are 34 graduate students who are considered as a new professional specialists’ generation of Asian region. We are very proud of our students as most of them are active in the society, successfully landed the jobs in Lithuania, Europe and East Asia.

A surprisingly big number of students chose to continue studies after graduating from EARS. Since Lithuania still doesn’t have the PhD studies about East Asia, students decided to research the topic of East Asia in East Asian universities in Japan ( (Linas Didvalis, ICU), South Korea (Laima Juknevičiūtė, Academy of Korean Studies) and China (Akvilė Banelytė, Zhejiang University). Others remained at VMU, some working towards the expansion of international relations (Eglė Šalnaitė, Vaidas Dačiola), teaching Asian languages to university students (Simona Vasilevskytė, Eglė Petrauskaitė), administrating study programs (Lina Borkertaitė) or joining Centre for Asian Studies’ team (Arvydas Kumpis).

Another part of alumni students obtained job positions in the institutions such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, representative institutions of Asian counties in Lithuania. Bussiness sector is not forgotten as well: bussiness companies in Beijing (“Microsoft”), Shanghai (“HongKong Haihua Architects LTD”), United Kingdom (“Chinasoft International”, “Mandarin Consultant”) and Lithuania (“Devbridge”, “Barclays PLC” etc.) became the workplaces for EARS students.

In order to maintain the strong relations between students, alumni and social partners, every year CAS organizes East Asian Day which is usually held during the time when cherry trees blossom. It is an oportunity for the community to gather, comunicate, make new connections and reminisce.

In the gallery bellow you can see the captured moments from East Asian Day events over the years.