Presently, there are two types of Asian language courses offered by VMU:
5 Asian languages (Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Turkish) are offered as freely selectable subjects (D), which are available for all university students and other who are willing to learn the language. These subjects are coordinated by VMU Foreign Languages Institute. For further questions please contact the administrator of FLI.

From 2012 fall, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages are taught as the subjects of BA and MA programs: RASK(6 levels) and EARS(3 levels). In these programs students have to choose one of the three languages. The courses are coordinated by the Department of the Cultural Studies and Ethnology of the Faculty of Humanities.

Japanese language

The Japanese language has the longest tradition among the Asian languages that are being taught at Vytautas Magnus University. The first lecture was held in 1996, and since then lect. A. Ališauskas educated the first generation of Japanophiles and japonologists in Kaunas. Since 1997, when VMU signed the first exchange agreement with the Kansai Gaidai University (Japan), there are growing possibilities to improve the language skills in Japan. The majority of our strongest students are successfully using this possibility. We are proud that some of our japanese language students are already well-known people: ministers, diplomats, CEOs and so on.

Presently, Japanese language is being taught by Simona Vasilevskytė, Kristina Barancovaitė-Skindaravičienė and Kayako Takagi.

Chinese language

Chinese language lessons started at VMU in the September of 2007. The initiator was lecturer Yang Qiauyu and since then the popularity of the program is growing rapidly. Currently, to improve the study program, we are collaborating with Confucius institute in Vilnius. From 2009, more and more opportunities arise to study abroad in Taiwan and China universities to improve the language.

Presently, Chinese language is being taught by Gheorghe Alexandru Fratila and lecturer from Confucius Institute.


Korean language

Regular Korean language studies started in September, 2008, with the initiative of lecturer J. Seo. VMU is the first and the only university in the Baltic States, having a regular Korean language courses and four levels program. In this field we are closely cooperating with Kyung Hee University, which proposes the annual (since 2007) intensive course of Introduction to Korean language and culture. Since 2005, the possibility to improve Korean language skills in South Korea has been growing, as VMU has established five students’ exchange agreements with Korean universities.

Presently, Korean language is being taught by Eglė Petrauskaitė and Erika Griučkaitytė.

Centre’s educational projects:

Website for self-learning Japanese language in Lithuanian
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