Local professors

The professors from the available BA and MA programs are not only the specialists of Asia, but also scholars who specialize in political science, economics, culture studies, antropology, international relations and etc.

RASK (BA) studies program


Dr. Giedrė Barkauskaitė

Graduate: Vytautas Magnus University

RASK curriculum: Academic Writing;


Alex Fratila

Alma matter: Sibiu University

RASK curriculum: History of Chinese civilization, Chinese language and culture, contemporary popular culture in East Asia;

Erika Griučkaitytė

Alma Mater: Vytautas Magnus University

RASK curriculum: Korean Language and Culture;

Doc. Dr. Giedrius Janauskas

Graduate: Vytautas Magnus University

RASK curriculum: Late Modern History of East Asia

Prof. Asta Kazlauskienė


RASK curriculum: Linguistics typology and language contacts;

Arvydas Kumpis

Graduate: Vytautas Magnus University

RASK curriculum: Qualification Practicum; Cognitive Practicum; Undergraduate Practicum; Cultural Diversity of East Asia

Doc. Dr. Rasa Račiūnaitė-Paužuolienė

Graduate: Vytautas Magnus University

RASK curriculum: Culture of Profession Language;


Eglė Petrauskaitė

Alma Mater: Vilnius University, Vytautas Magnus University

Curriculum: The History of Korean Culture; Korean Language and Culture;

Doc. Dr. Erika Rimkutė

Graduate: Vytautas Magnus University

RASK curriculum: culture of profession language;


Dokt. Kristina Barancovaitė-Skindaravičienė

Graduate: Vytautas Magnus University

EARS curriculum: Japanese Language and Culture; Japanese Culture: the Heritage and the Present situation;

RASK curriculum: Japanese Language and Culture; Japanese Culture: East Asian Gender and Sexuality Studies;

Kayako Takagi

Alma Mater: Kansai Gaidai University

Curriculum: Japanese language and culture;


Simona Kumpė

Alma Mater: Vilnius University, Vytautas Magnus University

RASK curriculum: Japanese Language and Culture;


Karolė Mueller

Alma Mater: Freie Universität Berlin

RASK curriculum: Korean language, Korean modern pop-culture; Korean culture history






Dr. Aurelijus Zykas

Graduate: Vytautas Magnus University

RASK curriculum: Eastern Civilizations; International and Inter-cultural Communications; Cultural History of Tibeth and Mongolia; The Mythology and Folklore of East Asia;

EARS (MA) studies program

Dr. Linas Didvalis

Graduate: International Christian University

EARS curriculum:Politics and Society in Japan since 1945; International Relations in East Asia


Dr. Gerda Jakštaitė

Graduate: Vytautas Magnus University

EASR curriculum: International relations theories and methodology;

Dr. Ieva Karpavičiūtė

Graduate: Vytautas Magnus University

EARS curriculum: Regions’ Develpoment in the International System;


Ieva Nagytė

Graduate: University of Edinburgh, Zhejiang University 

EARS curriculum: Political development of China

Doc.dr. Jonė Kalendienė

EARS curriculum: Economic Development of East Asian Countries

Doc. dr. Vida Mačikėnaitė

EARS curriculum: Political development of China


Dr. Eunhee Park

EARS curriculum: History of Korean Culture

Doc. dr. Tomas Kavaliauskas

EARS curriculum: Social critique and critical methods

Dokt. Arvydas Kumpis

EARS curriculum: Identities in East Asia

Visiting professors

The generation of the Asian studies specialists in Lithuania is still growing. Therefore, the successful implementation of research and studies is impossible without cooperation with foreign scholars. Visiting professors of Asia studies are teaching at VMU since 1993. Some of them, while teaching here, also became fans of Lithuania, wrote books and articles about it. We are trying to continue the relationships with them.

Dr. Eunhee Park

Period: 2019

Curriculum: Korean language; Korea’s Cultural History, Politics and Society in Korea since 1945. 

University: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Supported by: Korea Foundation

Ma Haiyan

Period: -2019

Curriculum: Chinese language and culture

University: Liaoning University

Dr. Yu-Ree Kim

Period: 2016 – 2017

Curriculum: History of Korean culture

University: Seoul National University (South Korea)

Supported by: Korea Foundation

Jian LingLing


Curriculum: Chinese language and culture

Alma Mater: Liaoning University

Baidi Wang

baidiPeriod: Septermber- May, 2012

Curriculum: Chinese Language and Culture

Alma Mater: Liaoning University

Jingyang Wang

10647087_1497557973846046_8845466616542316940_nCurriculum: Chinese Language and Culture;

Alma Mater: Liaoning University

Dr. Hyun Jeong-im

Period: September, 2011 m. – May, 2012 m.

Curriculum: Case of Korea: Democracy and Totalitarism in East Asia

University: Sogang University (Seoul, South Korea)

Supported by: Academy of Korean Studies

Dr. Hyun Jeong-im defended her dissertation of PhD in Sociology at University Paris IV-Sorbonne. Since 2008 she has been teaching at Sogang University in Seoul. Her main research interests are concentrated on political sociology and social movements. For additional information, please refer to her curriculum vitae.

Dr. Lauri Paltemaa

Period: May, 2011 m.

Curriculum: Political development of China

University: Turku University (Finland)

Supported by: Erasmus exchange

Dr. Paltemaa’s research mainly focuses on contemporary Chinese history and politics, especially social movements and protest, the role of the Internet in Chinese politics, and natural disasters and disaster management. He is also engaged in research of the methodological and epistemological issues in East Asian studies and area studies in general.

Prof. Dr. Yoshihiko Ikegami

Period: September, 2010

Curriculum: lectures for the MA students of East Asia Studies and Integrated Communication (Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy), and at the Centre for Foreign Languages.

Home university: Showa Women’s University, Tokyo

Prof. Yoshihiko Ikegami, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University, a famous researcher of cognitive linguistics and semiotics, is the honorary member of Japan Cognitive Linguistics Association and a member of many international organizations. His books are translated to German, Korean, Chinese and other languages. Some of them are “Theory of Meaning“ (1975), “Poetry of Speech“ (1986), „Poetry and Cultural Semiotics“ (1983), „Sense of English. Sense of Japanese“ (2006), etc.

Prof. Dr. Daping Hu

Period: October-November, 2008

Curriculum:Political development of China

Home university: Nanjing University

Prof. Keiki Fujita

Period: April 21-May 23, 2008

Curriculum: Industrial Development and Environmental Strategy in East Asian Countries

Home university: Obirin University, Tokyo

Prof. Dr. Sachiko Hatanaka

Period: 1999, 2006-2007

Curriculum: Introduction to Japanology

Home university: Chūbu University

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ryo Kojima

Period: 1993-1995

Curriculum: Japanese language; Japan’s History, Culture and Society.

Presently Prof. Ryo Kojima is working as Professor at Chūbu University. His profile can be found here (in Japanese).

Dr. Kyoko Koma

Curriculum: Japanese language and culture

Home University: Osaka University