Dragons’ Academy is a network of formal and informal educational institutions, coordinated by the Center of Asian Studies of Vytautas Magnus University. The academy was founded in 2017 with the aim to spread the knowledge about the East Asian languages and cultures. It mainly connects schools which show interest in East Asian cultures and want to gain more knowledge about them or their languages.

Why dragons? Dragon is one of the ancient symbol in East Asian mythology. Unlike in the mythologies of European cultures, where dragon is usually depicted as evil, in East Asian cultures it is considered to be the symbol of heavenly beneficence. Therefore, it was chosen as a symbol for this network, hoping that it would help to spread the knowledge and interest in East Asian cultures.

The Center of Asian Studies offers the following programs for the members of Dragons’ Academy:

The Dragons’ Club: Japanese, Chinese or Korean language classes taught by university students regularly up to several months.

The Dragon’s class: one-time lectures on topics, related to Japanese, Chinese or Korean cultures, history, politics and society. We can also organize meetings with the students who have studied in East Asian countries to share their personal experience and give some practical advices to those who would like to travel or study in East Asia.

Visit the Dragon: a half day visit to Vytautas Magnus University, visiting the Center of Asian Studies, Sugihara Museum, and having a lecture on a topic related to East Asia. It can also be coordinated with the events and festivals in VMU (such as the Asian Week).

If you want to join the Dragons’ Academy or have some questions about our activities, please contact us: arvydas.kumpis@vdu.lt.

Members of Dragons’ Academy

Alytaus Jotvingių gimnazija  (Alytus Jotvingiai High School)

Kauno Jurgio Dobkevičiaus progimnazija (Jurgis Dobkevicius Middle School from Kaunas)

Druskininkų „Atgimimo“ mokykla (Druskininkai “Atgimimo” School)

Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universiteto gimnazija (High School of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences)

Kačerginės pradinė mokykla (Kacergine Elementary School)

Kauno Jono ir Petro Vileišių mokykla (Kaunas Jonas and Petras Vileišiai School)

Ukmergės Antano Smetonos gimnazija (Ukmerge Antanas Smetona Gymnasium)