10974234_978081688868549_4964909166687136798_oChinese language and culture club “Wu Wei” together with Confucius institute at Vilnius University and Centre for Asian Studies at Vytautas Magnus University organizes New Year’s – Wooden Goat – Eve. We invite you in order to know more about this celebration, its traditions and exceptional myths.

Event will be held on the 25th of February, Wednesday.
It will be the seventh day of New Year according to the Lunar calendar. This day is special, since it is believed that everyone grow older by one year. Every person make wishes that coming year would be full of happiness and not lacking.

Event consists of two parts:

9-11 – Making of dragon and sending evil spirits away
Chinese dragons are friendly and symbolize life-giving rain. These dragons possess extraordinary powers: they can fly, swim and walk on the earth. The dragon dance is customary part of New Year morning. It helps to send away evil spirits and symbolize beginning of the celebration. The Chinese music will be played and you will be able to know more about Chinese calligraphy and try it yourself.
(Vytautas Magnus University, faculty of humanities (Donelaičio str. 52), lobby on the first floor)

17-20 Traditions of Chinese New Year
In the evening you will be able to learn how to make Chinese dumplings called jiaozi and appreciate its taste. Also traditional paper cutting art will be introduced, we will be writing greetings and wishes on lanterns and let them fly to the sky. Later, while trying jiaozi, we will found out more about special New Year Eve’s traditions and share some yet to be heard stories. At the end quiz awaits you, lucky ones will get prizes.*
Participation fee in evening part is 2 euros.
(Restaurant: “YAKATA”, M. Valančiaus str. 14, Kaunas)

See you on Wednesday!style=”margin: 5px;”