January 21-27 during a visit to Japan, VMU Asian Studies Center employees Arvydas and Simona Kumpiai visited Gifu university, KUIS (Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba) which are partner institutions of VMU, the Museum of the Port of Humanity in Tsuruga and also met with the Ambassador of Lithuania in Japan dr. Aurelijus Zykas.

During the visit to Gifu University (January 23) plans for future cooperation were discussed. Moreover, VMU lecturer Kayako Takagi gave a presentation for the university community members interested in Lithuania.

During the visit to the Kanda University of International Studies (January 27), Simona and Arvydas met with the university community. KUIS and VDU organize annual summer study tours in Kaunas, during which KUIS students of the Global Liberal Arts study program spend two weeks at VMU – attending lectures and participating in various creative and cognitive activities.

The guests were welcomed by some of the members of the previous two visits, who were not only willingly interested in the current situation in Kaunas and Lithuania, but also organized a sightseeing tour of the modern university campus and introduced them to the available interactive learning base.

During the visit to the Museum of Humanity in Tsuruga (人道の港敦賀ムゼウム), CAS staff members met with the director of the museum, who showed the new premises and expositions of the museum. Tsuruga was the first port in Japan where the Jews who received the transit visas from Chiune Sugihara disembarked, so this city and Kaunas are closely connected.