On November 3–4, 2023 the Centre for Asian Studies at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU, Kaunas, Lithuania) is holding an international academic conference “Challenging relations with(in) East Asia”. We invite everyone interested to join as listeners.

East Asia is one of the most dynamic regions in the world that is attracting global attention. As home to 1.6 billion people and almost a third of the world’s GDP, East Asia is often associated with growth, ambition, and innovation. As a result, East Asian countries have been establishing numerous bilateral and multilateral ties which created a complex network of governance of various spheres, ranging from economy to environmental protection. On the other hand, the region is not only a place of emerging opportunities, but also a hotspot of numerous risks and challenges. Tensions between North and South Korea, animosities among the neighboring countries due to historical legacies, display of military power in the Taiwan Strait – all this makes the international community very worried about the possible escalation and the negative impact it could cause to the whole world. It reveals that international relations both with and within East Asia can be challenging in numerous ways.

The conference will include presentations both on historical and contemporary affairs with(in) East Asia in such fields as history, art, politics and society. On both days the conference will start at 9am and take place at Room 310, Putvinskio str. 23, Kaunas. Please download full program for further information.

For those who would like to observe the conference online, please join by following this link.

The conference is organized by VMU Centre for Asian Studies and supported by Spotlight Taiwan.