On February 17-23 VMU delegation visited three academic institutions in the Republic  of China (Taiwan), where they discussed the possibilities to create a joint study program in the field of East Asian studies, as well as issues of possible student and teachers exchange, collaboration in academic research. The delegation visited  the following institutions: National University of Political Science (NCCU), University of Tamkang and University of Providence.

The members of the delegation were prof. Š. Liekis (Dean of the Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy), Z. Baltrėnienė (Head of International Office), Assoc.prof. A. Budriūnaitė (lecturer at the Dept. of Philosophy) and Dr. A. Zykas (Head of the Centre for Asian Studies).

Universities were interested not only in incoming students fromVMU, but also in delegating their students to study at VMU. Partner universities showed interest in summer schools organized by VMU, and expressed their surprise at the abundance of VMU study programs and courses taught in English.

Negotiations regarding joint research projects were successful as well. During the visits to NCCU, centres of Chinese studies, and meetings with the professors from other universities, delegations found possible topics for joint research, joint international conferences and publications. Universities of Tamkang and Providence also showed their interest in creation of a new joint study program in East Asian studies and joining the recently created program together with other partners.