Sakuros LietuvojeHaruna Akagi, Cherry blossoms in Lithuania, 2013

This is a book about Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese Consul who worked in Kaunas, Lithuania at the beginning of World War II. Consisting of two parts, the book tells about the Consul’s life in Kaunas as well as his struggle to save Jewish people from Nazi aggression. The first part is a “manga,” or a Japanese comic book by Ms. Haruna Akagi from Japan. The second part includes photos and information on Ms. Akagi, the Consul Chiune Sugihara and his comrade Jan Zwartendijk, the Sugihara Museum and exposition “Visas for Life” in Kaunas, VMU Japanese Culture Club HASHI, and the sponsors of this project. The text is written in three languages.