books-2158773_1920May 22, 2017 the public Master thesis defense of the students of East Asia Region Studies program will start from 10:00 am, at the Faculty of Humanities (Putvinskio str. 23, 310 aud.). Everybody is invited to listen the presentations and to participate at the discussions.

This year 6 students participate in the defense:

  • Andrius Bimbiras Party Platforms: an Analysis of Japan’s Political Spectrum During 2009-2016
  • Julija Germanavičiūtė Japanese Civil Society after 1998: the Case of NPOs Focused on Integration of Foreigners
  • Tomas Mickevičius China’s Alternative to International System of 2010s
  • Vaida Tumosaitė Japan’s Regional Security Challenges: Case Analysis of China, Noth Korea and Russia
  • Jurgis Vedrickas Cyber Security and China’s National Security
  • Oleksii Zhivora Propaganda in Korean Media Discourse of the Soviet Union and the United States (1945-1950)