27321335324_1a2eaf1aa6_oEast Asian Cultures and Languages BA program (RASK- Rytų Azijos šalių kultūros ir kalbos) was launched from Fall term 2012 at the Faculty of Humanities. The duration of the program is 4 years, the contents of the program focus on Chinese, Japanese and Korean history, religion, art and folklore. The students will have an opportunity to analyze the cultural specifics of these countries and study thousands of years old traditions. The students will also be able to learn one of East Asian languages at the advanced level and to gain basic communication skills in a second language upon their choice.
As the student exchange opportunities with East Asian universities have expanded significantly, all students of the program (starting from the second study year) will be encouraged to study at least one semester in one of East Asian universities.
After graduation students will acquire bachelor degree in Regional Culture Studies in the field of Humanities.