The cultural events often organized by the Centre of Asian Studies include summer schools, public lectures, contests, exhibitions and other. They aim to help understand the Asian cultures better and to introduce the society into those distant countries.

Popularization of culture is not the main goal of Centre for Asian Studies, but it is a very important activity for all of us. While  pursuing this goal we collaborate with embassies, cultural institutions in Lithuania, with students’ clubs “Hashi”, “Hallyu” and “Wu Wei”.

VMU Asian Week


Centre for Asian Studies together with culture clubs Hashi, Hallyu and Wu Wei launched an extremely successful week of events – VMU Asian Week. It’s purpose was to introduce East and South East Asian countries to the wide public. The event itself was divided into 5 parts: Language day, Asian Food Day, Martial Arts Day, Culture Day and Knowledge Day. In the evening of each day public lectures with various famous people took place.


Centre for Asian Studies together with East Asian culture clubs Hashi, Hallyu and Wu Wei launched second week of events – VMU Asian Week 2016. It’s purpose, as the last one, was to introduce East Asian countries to the wide public. The like the one in 2014 was divided into 5 days: Language, Asian Food, Martial Arts, Culture and Knowledge. In the evening of each day public lectures with famous Lithuanian people, who published new books about Asian countries, took place.


Centre for Asian Studies together with East Asian culture clubs Hashi, Hallyu and Wu Wei launched the third week of events – VMU Asian Week 2017. Its purpose, as the previous one, was to introduce East Asian countries to the wide public. The event was divided into 5 days: Language, Food, Culture, Martial Arts, Knowledge and Carrier Day. In the evening of each day meetings with East Asian clubs, who presented Japanese, Korean and Chinese cultures, took place. The event was closed with brain battle during which both students and lecturers had an opportunity to test their knowledge.

Language Contests

Centre for Asian Studies always encourages students to improve their skills in Asian languages by organizing various speech and reading contests .

In March, 2010 in collaboration with Vilnius and Klaipėda Universities, the second in Lithuania Japanese Language Speech Contest was held in Kaunas. The participants needed to read a short speech in Japanese, and they were estimated by the competent commission. In 2012 the fourth contest was organized as well, and 2015 marked the happening of 5th Japanese language contest.

In 2014 for the first time in Lithuania Korean and Chinese language contests were organized due to the great popularity of the previous Japanese language contests.

In October of 2013 students competed in a reading contest of Japanese language. The topic was “Japanese and Lithuanian fairy tales in Japanese language”. The event was a big success, so in 2015 CAS organized another reading contest of Japanese language, where students gladly participated and showed off their reading skills.

Time for Asia

“Time for Asia” is a cycle of events, organised by the Centre for Asian Studies and aimed to present contemporary issues and topics in the fields of Asian politics, society and economics. The main goal is to increase public awareness about contemporary China, Korea and Japan, including the importance and role of East Asia in global affairs. The events take place during autumn and spring semesters, and are open to everyone.

The list of Time for Asia events:

2016, October 24: Is China on the Cusp of a Middle-Class Revolt? by prof. Tomoko Ako

2016, November 28: The Two Koreas in Post-Cold War era: Cooperation and Crisis by dr. Yu-Ree Kim

2017, April 11: Contemporary Subcultures in China by Alex Fratila

2017, April 24: Taiwan’s Dynamic Civil Society by Rong-Chuan Wu

2017, October 19: Certainty vs. Volatility and Turbulence: China’s Foreign Policy and the World by prof. Jisheng Sun 

2017, October 27: Deep Tibet: Emerging Trends in Tibet Today by Vincent Metten

2018, February 28: China’s Foreign Policy: Peace, Development and Cooperation by prof. Gao Fei 

Other cultural events

Public lectures

The Centre constantly organizes public lectures. The prominent presenters from the fields of science, art, politics, economics, etc. deliver lectures for VMU students, schoolchildren and public society.

Exibitions and other events

Since 2005 Centre has been organizing various visual art exhibitions, presenting different aspects of East Asian cultures, such as ink painting, calligraphy, graphics, photography, Asian cinema days and others. Events of performing arts were also very successful.


Sugihara Week

Centre for Asian studies together with partners launched an extremely successful week of events – Sugihara Week. Its purpose was to perpetuate the memory of Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara. Sugihara Week has unified Lithuanian, Japanese and Jewish nations in Kaunas, where artists met together on joint projects, scholars discussed and general public was introduced to Sugihara’s history, Japanese culture and visible traits of Japan in Kaunas. During the event concerts, symposium, public lectures, exhibitions, workshops and other various events have been taking place.

Program of the event (Official English version)

Program of the event (Official Japanese version)

Summer schools (2008-2009)

From 2008 to 2009 the Centre organized summer schools. Three schools dedicated to cultures of Japan and Korea have been carried out. The participants not only listened to lectures, delivered by Lithuanian and foreign specialists, but also practically learned ink calligraphy, raku ceramics, bonsai, tea ceremony, sword art kendo, samulnori drums, Korean fan dance, and the secrets of mask theater talchum.

Summer school of 2008 “The origin and features of Japanese culture”

International summer school 2009 “Korean language and culture summer school”

Summer school 2009 “Between Japan and Korea”